Extractions and Replacement Options


Although we work tirelessly to save every tooth, there are times when extraction is the only option. Sometimes a baby tooth has misshapen roots that prevent it from releasing naturally. Sometimes a tooth may be so decayed that it poses a threat to the surrounding teeth and jaw. Infection, orthodontic issues or problems with wisdom teeth can also lead to removal.

But even when all else fails and you must lose one or more teeth, you still have a variety of excellent replacement options to choose from.


Implants are the next best thing to growing a new tooth. First a titanium rod is placed into the jaw bone to act as a root. After a few months the bone grows around it, locking it into place...permanently. Then a full porcelain crown is attached to replace your entire tooth. With daily brushing and flossing it will probably last a lifetime.

Implants are also used to make loose dentures fit more tightly - especially lower dentures which tend to shift more when talking or chewing. Because not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, I offer FREE implant consultations to determine if this is the very best alternative for you.

Fixed Bridges

Another non-removable option is what we call a fixed bridge. Basically, the existing teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned and an artificial tooth is bonded in between them to fill in (bridge) the gap.

The fixed bridge not only looks great, but more importantly it keeps adjacent teeth from moving - which keeps your remaining teeth, gums and jaw strong and healthy.

Partial Denture

With the third option, the missing tooth or teeth are replaced with a removable metal or nylon (Valplast) denture that attaches to the teeth on either side.

The lightweight, flexible Valplast denture is often preferred because of comfort, fit and appearance benefits.

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